Working with Menus, Queues and Routes

Menus, Queues and Routes (known as Call Handling Rules in your account settings) let you define how calls are handled for each of the phone numbers in your account.

  • Menus present callers with routing options: Press [1] to leave a message, press [2] for Technical Support, and so on.
  • Queues connect callers to a group of phone numbers in your organization—for example, your Tech Support or Sales departments—starting with the first member in the queue.
  • Routes are the behind-the-scenes call-handling rules that turn menu selections into call actions.

These features are available as settings in the Telephony Toolkit—simply log into your API Developer account and select the Configure menu to add and edit settings for each feature.

In some cases, it will make sense to set up menus, queues and routes at the outset in your account settings. For example, you might set up a phone number with two extensions and a handful of routes, and then use those pre-configured routes in your API requests to initiate and manage phone calls. In other situations, it will make sense to create and manage menus, queues or routes dynamically from through the API.

The tutorials below show you how to set up menus, queues and routes using toolkit settings, as well as how to use these resources through our API.

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