Managing Greetings and Hold Music

Building telephony functions into your applications will likely mean that you need to add various kinds of media files to your API Developer account.

Depending on your implementation, you may need to manage files used as greetings or voice instructions, invalid-entry recordings or hold music:

  • Greetings: Use greetings and other voice messages to present menu options to your callers. For example: “Welcome to Our Company. To speak with a Sales representative, please press [1], to leave a message, press [2] ...” You can also use a greeting to play program information or emergency instructions that don’t require a keypad response from callers.
  • Invalid-Entry Recording: This type of recording plays when a caller presses a digit that does not have a menu setting assigned. For example: “We did not recognize your selection. To speak with a Sales representative, please press [1], to leave a message, press [2] ...” An invalid-entry recording is technically no different from any other kind of greeting file. Use the general instructions below for adding a greeting.
  • Hold Music: This type of file includes any kind of music or voice recording that plays when a caller is on hold or is waiting in a queue.

How Do I Add a Greeting?

Using the API’s /media service, you can upload, edit and delete greetings, invalid-entry recordings and hold music with ease. You can upload readymade greetings or use our Text-to-Greeting service, which converts a text message included in the JSON body of your API request to an audio message.

You can also add and manage greeting files by logging into your account, and clicking Configure > Add Greetings or Manage Greetings. The Telephony Toolkit also includes a Text-to-Greeting tool.

Which Formats Do You Support?

The API accepts WAV, U-Law (G.711) and MP3. Note that our media-processing server will convert your file to Mono CCITT U-Law format, sampled at 8000 samples per second (Normal Telephony Quality), and will normalize audio levels to full scale. For best results, please make sure that the files you upload are sampled at a 16-bit sample size.

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