About SMS Events

Once you have defined settings for your application in your Phone.com API Developer account and routed incoming SMS messages to your application, you are ready to receive inbound SMS events. Please see our Systems and Requirements for help with configuring an app server to receive Phone.com API POST events.

The JSON object sent to your application server by the Phone.com API server follows the format shown below.

JSON Structure of Inbound SMS Objects

    "to": "+15555551234",
    "from": "+15555551235",
    "status": "new",
    "message": "Test",
    "created_date": "2014-01-01T23:03:04",
    "created_epoch": 1382655784,
    "url": "http://yourapplication.com:3000/sms",
    "backup_url": "http://yourapplication:3000/sms",
    "application_id": "fe02e19d-cd54-11e2-bf99-91e4d3e209c1",
    "resource_id": "707f5ad4-3d00-11e3-97d6-c1498ff4e3a9",
    "type": "incoming",
    "voip_id": 64783

See the Response Body Format for the GET method for more information on the structure of inbound objects.

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