API Reference Guide

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Each of the features in our Telephony Toolkit are available as an API service, documented in detail in the API Services Reference Guide below.

Bookmark this page! The topics below explain what each of our API services do, how you can use them, and how to go about building effective API requests.

Toolkit Feature API Resource Learn More Here ...
Making and receiving phone calls (Coming soon) /calls API Resource: /calls
Sending and receiving SMS messages /sms API Resource: /sms
Menus /menus API Resource: /menus
Queues /queues API Resource: /queues
Call Handling Rules /routes API Resource: /routes
Greetings and Hold Music /media API Resource: /media
Batch calls and SMS messages /batch API Resource: /batch
Contacts in your Address Book /contacts API Resource: /contacts
Contact groups /contact_groups API Resource: /contact_groups
Schedules for routing calls /schedules API Resource: /schedules
Phone extensions /extensions API Resource: /extensions