Setting Up Phone Numbers and Extensions

When you sign up for a API Developer account, you will be assigned a local U.S. phone number, which you can change during the sign-up process. You can also choose a different number after signup.

At the same time, you will be assigned a default extension for your phone number. Extension settings tell the server where to route incoming calls or SMS messages. You can think of an extension attached to a phone number as the pre-defined destination for calls or messages sent to that number. By default, your phone number will be routed to a Virtual extension (not connected to any device), but you can configure your number to be routed to a Device extension(adapter or IP phone), a Mobile extension (a smartphone or other mobile device) or a Softphone (telephony software running on a computer).

Below are instructions for adding and deleting phone numbers in your account settings, as well as editing extension settings for your phone numbers.

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Viewing Your Phone Numbers

After logging into your account, click the Numbers button to view your assigned phone number:

Numbers Button icon

On the the Manage Phone Numbers page, you can add and delete phone numbers, and configure extensions and a variety of other settings.

Manage Numbers page

Adding a Phone Number

Your API Developer account includes one local U.S. phone number. To add a number, on the Manage Phone Numbers page, click Add a New Number.

Select the kind of number you want to add:

  • U.S. Local: Add a local number (if you have deleted the one assigned to your account) or purchase additional numbers.
  • Global: For purchase if you are not located in the United States, or if you are located in the United States but need a phone number in another country.
  • Vanity Toll Free: 800-YOUR-BIZ
  • Toll Free: 800, 888, 877, 866 or 855
  • You can also choose to transfer (port) an existing number to

Complete the steps required to add your new number. For local U.S. phone numbers, simply select the area code and phone number you want to use, and click to confirm your order.

Deleting a Phone Number

On the Manage Phone Numbers page, click the Delete icon Delete icon to the right of your phone number, and confirm the deletion.

Editing Extension Settings for a Phone Number

An extension is a virtual (software) or physical (device) endpoint that you assign to a phone number. To edit extension settings for a phone number, log into your account and click Users & Extensions:

Add an Extension icon

Under Manage Extensions, you will see the default extension assigned to your phone number when you signed up. You can view SMS messages sent to that extension’s Inbox, set up and manage contacts or greetings, or delete the extension.

You can also edit settings for the extension, including:

  • General name, extension and time-zone settings
  • Outbound call settings
  • Voicemail settings
  • Notification settings

Be sure to click Save Changes to save edits to your extension settings.

To route calls and SMS messages sent to this extension directly to the application you are building, click Call Handling Rules in the left navigation bar:

Call Handling Rules option in the Left Navigation Bar

From the Select How Calls Should be Handled menu, select Goto Application, and select your application name. Note that you must define settings for your application in your account before doing this.

Other Settings to Configure

If your application will receive calls or SMS messages through your phone number, you also need to configure the following settings and rules:

Tip: Note that the Help button Help icon found on any page in your account settings explains features and provides helpful tips. You can also find detailed help on account features in the User Guide.

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