What Can I Do with the Phone.com API?

What can I do with the Phone.com API?

Phone.com offers a complete solution for hosted phone service for your small to medium business:

> Set up a simple call center to route after-hours callers to your helpline
> Send SMS discounts to all of the clients who’ve asked for text coupons
> Let your customers check their account balances by SMS

Phone.com’s services are now exposed as API resources that you can utilize in your application using simple REST requests. Using the Phone.com API gives you access to configuration settins available in our Telephony Toolkit, along with our world-class telephony infrastructure, and the stability and scalability of the Phone.com platform.

So What Can You Do?

While you can easily use features in our Telephony Toolkit to route calls and SMS messages to and from your application, your application’s design may require that you create and manage telephony resources programmatically or on the fly. That’s where the Phone.com API becomes invaluable.

In practice, you could use our API to do the following and much more!

  • Send reminders and notifications: Generate a reminder for clients a day or two before their appointments at your office. With the API, you can use appointment details in your system to trigger a phone call, play an audio message, and then process keypad entries from clients, confirming or canceling their appointments.
  • Extend telephony features: With the API, you can easily build on standard Phone.com features—for example, if customers currently select call menu options to reach your Customer Service or Billing departments, give them the option to hear their account balances without talking to a representative. The API can deliver an automated text-to-speech message that reads the account balance and processes keypad entries by the caller.
  • Verify user transactions: During online checkout, have your customers enter a mobile number where they can be reached. Using our API, your application can send them an SMS message containing a verification code. You can then require customers to enter that code into your transaction form before finalizing their purchases.

There are many ways to implement and extend phone services in your web and mobile apps. Want to explore our Telephony Toolkit and try our API? Sign up today!

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