What Features Does Phone.com Offer?

Phone.com offers a complete solution for hosted phone service for small and medium businesses. We support over 40 telephony features, many of which you can use in your applications, either by configuring them using settings in our Telephony Toolkit or by invoking the function with a simple Phone.com API request. Having an account and using the toolkit or API also gives you access to all of the services, stability and scalability of the Phone.com platform.

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Standard and Premium features you may want to use in your applications include:

Standard with Your Phone.com Account

  • Create local, toll free and global numbers
  • Send, receive and schedule SMS messages
  • Unlimited extensions with personalized voicemail and address books
  • Flexible menu and queue options
  • Caller ID, forwarding, blocking and screening
  • Advanced call routing and scheduling
  • Flexible call handling rules (routes)
  • Conference calling and faxing
  • Custom greetings and hold music
  • Support for standard phone, mobile, softphone and web calls

Premium Features

  • Caller analytics
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail transcription
  • iNum global numbers

Phone.com also offers a well-documented API and peer-driven support community, giving you the resources you need to quickly implement and maintain telephony features in your application. If you’d like to look at the Telephony Toolkit and try our API, sign up today!

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